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Our mission is to teach kingdom values that transform lives and communities, empowering people to discover and achieve their purpose and gifts as they experience the love and peace of God that renews expectation and worth.

Our vision is to awaken healthy, productive individuals that have now discovered their value and are equipped to positively influence their environment.


Mission of the Moment


2622574_1416499797.706What happens when a young woman finds herself without a place to stay, with no real family support to help her during her crisis? There are many reasons she can end up in this situation, ranging from fleeing an abusive relationship, divorce, etc. What if she has children too? Flaming Heart Ministries has established Elevation House to be a safe haven for women that find themselves in this precarious dilemma. Elevation House is not designed to be just another “hand out”, but it’s more of a “hand up”. Our clients will be provided with temporary shelter, life skills, counseling and support to help them move forward. The end product for those coming through Elevation House is a vibrant individual ready to pursue their dreams, prepared for permanent employment and housing.

How can you help Elevation House? We have secured a location that will serve as our first ministry home. However, repairs are needed before we can open the doors. (Projected opening – 1st Qtr 2015) Estimated renovations amount to $10K. Please visit our GoFund Me page to donate.

We’re also gearing up for help with volunteers to paint, help with yard work and various tasks to prepare the house. Sign up here.

Stay tuned to find out more about this program. Please view our video to learn more about the house.

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